Don't Market to Yourself

Remember that commercial that pops up all the time, and you wonder how on earth a commercial that bad could keep running? It runs because it works. As much as we hate to admit it, most things simply aren’t marketed directly to us. Following this example, it’s important that we remember the simple fact that we’re not marketing to ourselves, or even to people that are necessarily like us. We may be very much in tune with what our target market’s wants and needs are, but by default--we aren’t the same people we’re marketing to. They have different wants, needs, life experiences, and a very different understanding of the messages we are trying to convey. Make sure all the messages you develop are created in a way that they appeal to the people you want in your salon. Think of the core messages you are trying to convey, think of your actual audience, and go from there. And remember, if you love it, that doesn’t mean anyone else will. 
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Valise Suite releases YourXpert, a fully functional and learning Virtual Assistant artificial intelligence software for any web site

KNOXVILLE, TN (October, 2019) – Valise Suite is proud to announce the release of YourXpert, a fully functional and learning Virtual Assistant artificial intelligence software for any web site. With a true plug and play capability, and easy to navigate dashboard, YourXpert is a patent pending truly learning artificial intelligence package that will allow enhanced customer service without dedicated staff time.
YourXpert’s patent pending, Virtual Assistant offers a plug and play solution that empowers businesses to tailor the VA’s behavior and output to their requirements. We offer businesses a unique opportunity to align the personality of their VA with that of their brand and business culture. Then ultimately gives a business the ability to create a more consistent problem-solving process. YourXpert remembers interactions on the website, and the result is a syndication knowledge base that can be deployed immediately, with very little effort on the business’ part.
“We use dynamic langua…

Instagrammable Moments in 5 Easy Steps

The Instagram selfie trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Changes are on the horizon that may impact usage, but for now, we can expect our clients to be taking pictures of themselves almost everywhere they go. Of course we love it when happy clients post selfies from the salon. But, if you think about it, are you as happy as you could be with the images you see posted? If your loyal fans are going to be taking these photos anyway, which we want them to do, let’s make sure we make it as easy and fun for them as possible. The better they look, the better your salon looks. Create ‘instagrammable’ moments: Dedicate a space: Be certain the space behind the photos looks the way you’d like, maybe a logo wall or special visual that is uniquely related to your business. Have props: Fun props help get creativity going, you can just keep a random box of toys and props handy, be creative, Correct the lighting: Are your salon selfies being taken from a well-lit area? Ring lights are fairly inexpensi…

Buy the expensive whiskey

Time will pass. The things we worry about will pass. Some of the things we want desperately will come our way, and some will not. Things we aren’t worrying about will blindside us and leave us temporarily devastated, this too will pass. The good is never as good as we imagine, and the bad is never as bad as we fear. Our health may hold, it may not. We may have 50 years ahead of us, we may cease to exist before the day closes. We have to make decisions we can live with, whether others understand them or not. Let one of these decisions be to buy the good whiskey. Trust me, there is a difference. When your days are gone, know you’ve helped others…but also done a few things for yourself.

Living: Dead or Alive

Life means something different at 48 years of age than it did just a few short years ago. I’ve started to ponder more frequently what the next years will look like.

I’ve developed a sense of safety and routine in my little box. I do things that many would be terrified to do, but they no longer terrify me. I see things that once looked boring to me, they no longer look boring.

I’m pretty sure I can find a way to enjoy the rest of my years in this box if I need to….but if I do, am I alive or am I dead? Or am I neither?